Wk 4 – Classmate Conversation- Reuben Dyce



Rueben Dyce


Rueben Dyce is a second year Math major. He is currently studying abroad and from England. He is a very nice gentlemen who did the classmate conversation even though he didn’t need to because he had enough extra credit. He likes California and will be here til the end of the semester.  As a second year student he has one art class, differential equations 1, differential equations 2, applied maths. He was talking about how the math classes are a bit different here than they are in England. He said in England everything is a lot more theoretical then they are here. He said the change from England to California is a nice change of pace and the schooling over here seems to be easier. He likes the beaches in California and also the temperatures.  Rueben said that it is much warmer here than in England and that if we were in England at that moment we would need jackets. He seemed to enjoy the art exhibit and the class itself. If you look over to his website you can see that he takes awesome pictures. It was very nice to meet Rueben Dyce.


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