Wk 5 – Artist Conversations – Kristi Jensen

Exhibition Information

Artist: Kristi Jensen
Exhibition: Collabaration
Media: Metal
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: Does not have one
Instagram: whipperton

About the Artist

Kristi Jensen , she graduates next semester and metal work. She enjoys the Walking dead. Her hobbies are fiber art, knitting and thinks it awesome that if a zombie Apocalypse were to happen she would know how to make a a hammer which is “badass.”

Formal Analysis

Her works were jewelry and metal. The jewelry was very nice and unique. Type of ring you wouldn’t see everywhere. The metal work was very complex and you wonder how it gets put together because it looks very difficult.The dark colors for the metal are expected but nevertheless they are very nice. The onion shape has a interesting rusted look. The jewelry is very shiny and the pieces I took a picture of are rings.

Content Analysis

The work was very nice, these rings that are able to go on anyone tell a story. They were forged out of metal and fire and turn into something beautiful.  Along with the metal that is turned into something beautiful with hands of a craftswomen. It’s incredible to think that everything that surrounds us can be turned into something much more than it initially gives off. From minerals and rocks into these beautiful jewelry and metal pieces.

Synthesis / My Experience

I enjoyed looking at these pieces. They were very different from last week in a great way. A new experience and something that looks incredibly difficult but is put before my eyes. These pieces look like types of work I saw when I went to mexico, it has a very authentic feel and the brown is what makes me think of the work I saw in Mexico. The onion shaped piece which is how Kristi described it is definitely my favorite. The awesome shape of it and how complicated it is. I would like to see more work from Kristi and the other artist as well.


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