Wk 5 – Art Experience – Photowalk

The Photo walk was very fun, I got to meet new people and I really like the pictures I took. I went from the middle of campus, then down the hill the I am seen skating in the picture. After that we made our way to Pyramid where I got a picture of the pyramid with a plane that was flying by. I obviously didn’t take the picture of me skating but I appreciate a member in my group taking it. The photos I was trying to take were pictures that had a focus up close and a blurry background. I really like taking these types of photos because the blurriness to me allows the viewer to focus a lot more on the clear part in the picture. I think I was alright as a guide but I think if I had planned what to talk about in terms of the photos with my group , the walk would have been more interesting. Overall I had a great experience I’ve never lead anything like a photo walk so it was a really interesting experience and I would love to do it again. My favorite picture is between the flowers and the leaves on the wall. What I like about the leaves is how clear they are and how the leaves have the contrast against the blurry background. What I like about the flower bed is how vivid the colors are and it’s very pleasing to look at.


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