Wk 8 – Classmate Conversation – Valentina Ramirez


Valentina Ramirez is a senior who is on her last semester to graduate. I have to congratulate her on that especially because she took 18 units this semester in order to finish now. Her major is Sociology and she enjoys the perspectives you get to see from in Sociology. In her free time she does homework understandably with the 18 units of work she has to do. But in the past she told me she use to do kickboxing, Jujistu and soccer until she unfortunately got an knee injury. That was two years ago and Valentina said she misses it. We started talking about what I do in my free time and interest and we got to stocks. She told me her god father invested in stocks and is now a millionaire and he came from nothing ,which gave me inspiration to keep looking at stocks. Sadly she is a big fan of Apple products which to a Samsung owner I identify her as ” the enemy”. It was really cool that I discovered she use to animate in high school as did I in high school. ¬†Valentina is from Long Beach. After graduation she wanted to be a police officer but she recently got married on May 16 of last year which is the exact day of my birthday which is awesome. Since she got married she still wants to become a parole officer. Valentina has two dogs Ozzy and Zebra both Husky’s. I had a great time talking to Valentina.


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