Wk 8 – Artist Conversation – Luis Arias

Exhibition Information

Artist: Luis Arias
Exhibition: The Weaving Machine
Media: Metals, wood, Yarn
Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery
Website: None Available
Instagram: None Available

About the Artist


Luis Arias is who I did my artist conversation with this week. He is a undergraduate attending CSULB. He is currently going for his bachelors. He is originally from El Salvador and since then he has traveled around the work and loves doing so. He graduates this May and afterwards will continue to travel around in Europe. He does plan on having a family just later on in life.

Formal Analysis

He used yarn, wool and wood for most of his pieces. The wood was very nicely shaped. and smooth. He had so many different types of works. Most of the wood was very light except the piece I have that I shaped like a cube. The pieces were shelves, stools, mirrors and an actual wool machine that was impressively big. The mirror seemed to go with the theme since it was shaped like a gear.

Content Analysis

The pieces were more than something you were just able to look at. You wanted to use the pieces have them displayed in your own house. They were so smooth and the mirrors along with the sign were parts of the machine Luis was showing. The wool was very infrequently threaded and was something incredible to look at. You could tell how much work went into it with all the sizing of the woods. Sanding and wool work.

Synthesis / My Experience

I had a great experience with this exhibit. I wanted to take home several of the pieces and use them in my own house. MY favorite were the shelves, since they were so unlike any other shelves I’ve seen or used. They had this awesome arc shape to keep them up and it was very impressive to see. The stools were very tempting top sit on since they looked comfortable. The mirror is one I would like to have to use in my house. I had a great experience with this exhibit and hope to see more work from Luis.


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