Wk 9 – Art Experience – Steve Patrofski


Mr. Dark seems very suspicious, I will keep my eye on him since it seems that he does the same to me. When he least expects it I will slip one of my mouth watering tacos in his mouth and he will succumb to my power of cooking.



Although she is royalty i don’t want to take advantage of her bags of money. I will only take her money if the delicious taste of my tacos deserve he cash. Which they will once I serve her one of my supreme tacos she will slowly devote her money and resources to get more of my tacos.



I went up to Djura and I let him get a whiff of my delicious tacos. But at first he didn’t seem to know what I was showing him. I displayed me eating it and after 5 minutes of appreciating my taco I forgot he was there and when I looked again he was gone. Oh well his loss.



Steve Patrofksi

Hello I am Steve Patrofski, I am as dangerous as I am Witty. I have been away from the motherland for many months now and I do think about my family back home now and then. I am here for one reason and one reason only. To sell tacos, this is my life long dream. Growing up I always wanted to come to the streets of LA! Selling my delicious tacos with my recipe from my great, great, great grandmother.





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