Wk 10 – Art Experience – Instagram

The assignment this week was to post four pictures to Instagram and see the Art classes post and decide whether we are a group or just a bunch of people in a class. After this very interesting assignment I’ve come to the sort of gloom but not really answer that we are not a group. So after seeing the other post it was nice to see members in the class doing awesome things throughout the day but this wasn’t why I think we aren’t a group since even the best of groups whether it be friends or coworkers don’t do everything together. But I realized that I saw these pictures and I didn’t know most of these peoples names and I felt no connection to them if they were doing something awesome or boring. Now this sounds kinda sad but it isn’t because if just being in a class with people would define us as a group to me it would dilute the meaning of group. To me a group I wanna be with is people I actually care about and want to hang out with and it becomes hard with so many members. After all this said I enjoyed seeing where I stand on this decision.


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