Wk 11- Art Experience – Turning Pagrs

I believe that words and pictures can capture moments better than we can while we are in the moment. I know that at times I’ve taken amazing moments in my life for granted while I was living them. My memories are sometimes where I get to enjoy life the most cause I can look back at every aspect of that scene in my life. Where I was at, what I was doing and how I was feeling. Certain authors and photographers  are really good at this. I know I’ve read a book and I felt like I was there, I was the character or looking from above at all the players in a scene.

The experiences of taking and not taking pictures was different because I felt like when I was taking pictures it took my emotions out of the picture because I was so focused on getting the right picture. I had a task in front of me and I couldn’t see what was around me.

My experience in the activity was fun, walking around for me is always a good time and I enjoyed hearing Marta. I really enjoy the library because it is incomprehensible how many books inn our library and how much knowledge and time it must take write all of them.

I never realized what taking a picture during a fun moment like Snapchat actually does to the moment itself. To be able to take a picture of the moment I have to be able to put myself outside the moment to capture the moment. I think I will stop taking as many pictures as I do and just live in each moment.


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