Wk 12 – Art Experience – Geocache

At first the idea of a geocache seemed really complicated but as I worked through it was fairly simple. The actual finding of the geocache was when it became difficult. I searched for geocache with Kyle Shishido and both of our combined heads couldn’t find the geocache. We had to watch the Micheal Jackson Billie Jean music video because the geocache hinted towards the scene when he was walking down the sidewalk that lit up. All I found was a couple tennis balls a huge cockroach. After a resisted defeat I decided to make my location even harder to find. I put my geocache on top in an unsuspecting spot. All together this is my favorite art experience because I am a fan of video games and it felt very video game like searching for the geocache. I don’t like applying the word muggles to anything really. What a word like that does is only one negative thing. It creates separation between people. Especially between people who sometimes have a choice in the matter about being included due to lack of knowledge or some other reason. I don’t think you can map emotions or feeling on a map but the journey to find these geocaches can create some new ones.


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