Wk 12 – Artist Conversation -Tiffany Le

Artist: Tiffany Le

Exhibition: Tàu

Media: Watercolor, Color Pencil, Ink, on Charcoal and Clayboard

Gallery: CSULB School of Arts, Dennis W Dutzi Gallery

Website: letealeaf.prosite.com

Instagram: @letealeaf

Tiffany Le grew up in Garden Grove California. Tiffinay’s interest in art had come from a very early age in her life. She feels that since she grew up in a very Vietnamese surrounded culture, that it has shaped her art style. What Tiffany does with her exhibit is she displays her own family’s past experiences and in the Vietnam War. Tiffany is a graduate student obtaining her degree in illustrations. 

Formal Analysis:

The paintings use colors that contrast really well. The type of strokes make it seem like the paint was mixed with water but on other parts it is very fine detailed as seen in the picture with the cat as a boat. The origami was used as the center piece of the room and  reflects some scenes in the paintings.  The different types of color used show very dark tone to some of the pieces of work.

Content Analysis:

The artist achieved her goal of sharing her culture and the suffering that her culture had to go through during the Vietnam war. She does this by setting a dark tone to the paintings which gives the underlying mood of struggle and depression. She also using her paint to make the scenes very exciting and portrays a lot going on inside of the moment she is capturing. The painting of the boat on fire depicts the hardships and dangers her people had to go through.

My Experience:

My experience with the work was very touching. A part of history that I never even thought of was right before my eyes. The paintings along with the center piece origami brought me to the piece of her peoples history that I had never explored before. What I enjoyed the most was the most was the painting of the ship on fire because that tragic story brought me closer the scene then any other piece. Overall the exhibit was incredible and accomplished the goal of sharing history.


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