Wk 13 – Art Experience – Art Care Package

I sent a drawing that took me thirty minutes to complete. It is of my favorite movies when it came out. Watchmen the Rorshak is the main character and he has just killed someone in an alley way. I am very proud of this drawing but at the same time i know I messed up on the position of the dead person in the alley way. This says something about me because although i am not great at it I like drawing and I enjoy comics and superhero movies such as the Marvel movies. I hope the person I am sending it to enjoys it and can get a drawing in return. In regards to snap chat it feels a lot more real to send someone a ACP but is also something that I feel you want to do with someone special. When buying food you can’t expect the same amount of love in compared to a meal your mother made for you because the burger you bought was for anyone but the meal was made for you and other specifically.


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