Wk 15 – Art Experience – Japanese Garden

I don’t really draw much and this was a very fun Art Experience for me. I felt that the abstract pictures have a blurry background to take you out of focus. I tried to get this in the drawing by running my fingers over the faded drawing in the background to make it seem blurry. In the photos I would focus on part of it and it would blur the rest out.  My favorite photo is the one of the full pond because it captures the entire scene and pulls me in. Although the abstract photos are much more pleasing for me to look at I still feel more in the scene with the full picture.  My favorite drawing is the one of the Koi fish. Although I’ve definitely seen better,  I am proud of the fish that I drew because I honestly wasn’t expecting it to turn out like that. Overall a very nice experience including the actual visit to the Japanese Garden. It was sunny a very nice day to be outside and seeing so many people focused on different aspects of one place was very interesting to see.


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